Why choose me as your guide

Thanks to my studies in Greek and Roman Archaeology and my PhD in Christian Archeology I am the perfect guide for Archaeological Tours.

My previous experience at university, as researcher and archaeologist, and being today a mother  have developed in me enthusiasm, passion, desire to gain knowledge and curiosity towards new interests. This is why I believe to be the right person to lead families on vacation.

Siracusa – Roman Amphitheatre

I am Sicilian and I live in Siracusa. That’s why I know my city and the surrounding landscape like the fingers of my hand. For Siracusa and surroundings I am the best!

I like also eating and drinking this is why my Food and Wine Tour are thought only for true lovers of Sicilian culinary traditions and oenological heritage! I can lead Food and Wine Tour not just in Siracusa and its surroundings but also all along the Eastern Sicily.

Modica – Food and Wine Tour

Top 5 Reasons to hire me

  • I am a Qualified Tourist Guide and I have passed a hard Tourist Qualification Exam in Rome. You could consider me like your best friend in Sicily.
  • Thanks to my qualification I can guide you in the major sites in Siracusa and in  Sicily: Neapolis Archaeological Park, Ancient Taormina Theatre, cathedrals, volcano Etna and beyond.
  •  I don’t operate fixed itineraries or fixed commentaries but I am flexible and I will tailor make the tour to suit the occasion. I manage group sizes from individuals all the way up to large incentive groups and conduct tours on coaches, on foot or in cars.
  • I can guide you in English because I have an additional qualification in this language. Moreaover, thanks to my studies (degree in Humanities and a PhD in Christian Archaeology) I am the perfect person to guide you this stunnig Italian Region
  • Last but not least,  I am friendly and professional. I used to dealing with families, groups of all ages and sizes. I like kids!

Now you are ready to choose your favourite Tour and to contact me!

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