Archaeological Siracusa Tour

Neapolis Archaeological Park and Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum – Family Friendly

The tour lasts three/four hours.  It is easy walking. Suitable for everybody.

Price per group from 200,00 euros

Siracusa – Neapolis Archaeological Park, Greek Theatre

Siracusa has been defined, in several times by ancient historians, as the most powerful city of Sicily and Magna Grecia. This tour shows you Siracusa’s great highlights of Greek and Roman age. Archaeological Siracusa tour is of especial interest to those interested in history indeed the story of ancient Siracusa covers more then 2,500 years.

Neapolis Archaeological Park

The first stop of this tour is the Neapolis Archaeological Park where you can find:

  • the Greek Theatre one of the most impressive and largest theaters ever constructed in the Greek world
  • the Paradise Quarry in the beginning a limestone quarry,  now a very green and peaceful area that is filled with lemon and orange trees
  • the Ear of Dionysius a very famous man-made cave, 45 meters high and 65 meters deep
  • the Roman Amphitheatre used for violent Gladiator contests and fights with wild animals, like lions or panters

All of this monuments are located inside a beautiful natural frame. 

Siracusa – Neapolis Archaeological Park, Roman Amphitheatre

Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum

The Paolo Orsi Archaeological Regional  Museum of Siracusa is one of the main archaeological museums in the island for extension and importance of the items exposed. It is very close to the Neapolis that means you can easy reach it by walk. The complete visit of the museum alone would require half a day but a good introduction and a selection of the most important and beautiful  items will make you satisfied anyway. The museum illustrates the story of human culture from Sicily, from its beginnings to the medevial time.

Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum – miniature elephans

The museum is divided in several areas: prehistory and protohistory, Siracusa in Archaic and Classical time, Siracusa subcolonies, Siracusa in Hellenistic and Roman time, Christian All and the Medal Collection sector. The Siracusa sector is huge and safeguards a lot of goods.  Sculptures of athletes that signaling the site where these youngers were buried, black and red figured pottery, little statuettes recalling the myth of Demetra and Kore. A lot of myths, like the one of the two goddesses and the one of Ulisses, take place in Sicily. The Hellenistic sector safeguards interesting evidences like the so called Fisherman, a roman sculture, copy of an original Greek Hellenistic sculpture.

Some of the most spectacular objects on display in the museum are:

  • two copies of Miniature Elephans – in prehistory and protohistory area. This exibition is linked with the Ulisses and Cyclops legend
  • the Landolina Venus – the most popular Roman piece in XIX century in Siracusa
[cml_media_alt id='640']Lucia Majorca guida turistica[/cml_media_alt]

Paolo Orsi Museum – Gorgon and me

Another really beautiful area to visit is the medal collection sector, in the underground level. Here you can find a lot of silver medals of Greek period. They are from Siracusa as well as from the whole Sicily. Jewels, crowns, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and medieval silverware will leave you speechless!

If you are a lover of Greek and Roman archaeology this tour is the best for you. Please, contact me and I will satisfy each of your curiosity!

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