Classic Siracusa Tour

Neapolis Archaeological Park and Ortygia old town – Family Friendly

The tour lasts four hours. Means of transport private or rented are needed. Suitable for everybody.

Price per Group from 200,00 euros

[cml_media_alt id='628']teatro greco di Siracusa[/cml_media_alt]

Siracusa – Greek Theatre

Neapolis Archeaological Park

Siracusa is a fabulous city to explore Archaeology and the Neapolis Archaeological Park is the most popular tourist actraction in Siracusa. It is 240,000 square meters vast, offers to its visitors an insight of the ancient Greek Siracusa. Some of the most spectacular stops in archaeo park are:

  • the Greek Theatre – the greates Greek Theatre in Sicily
  • the Altar of Hieron II – one of the biggest Greek altars in Hellenistic Greek World
  • the Paradise Quarry – it will bring you back to the years of the Grand Tour travelers, the rich young travelers of the European aristocracy who perfected their knowledge by visiting the whole Europe since Seventeenth Century.
[cml_media_alt id='630']orecchio di Dionisio[/cml_media_alt]

Siracusa – Ear of Dionysius

Ortygia old town

The island of Ortygia represents the old town of Siracusa, linked at Sicily island by two bridges. The oldest is the Umbertino bridge, the new one is the Santa Lucia bridge. Crossing the bridges you are onto Ortygia, where you can immediately admire the temple of Apollo, the oldest one in Sicily. Other unmissable stop of Classic Siracusa Tour is Archimedes Square, entitled to Archimedes the celebrated scientist from Siracusa lived in the III Century B.C. In the very middle of the square the Arthemis fountain is surrounded by some palaces like historical Italy Bank and Sicily bank headquarters.

[cml_media_alt id='632']cattedrale di Siracusa[/cml_media_alt]

Ortygia – Cathedral

In the very centre of Ortygia there is the Cathedral Square, the town hall, the cathedral and the Santa Lucia alla badia church. Here is safeguard the “Burial of Santa Lucia”, the painting painted by Caravaggio during is staying in Siracusa.

The last stop of our tour is the spring of Arethusa, the fresh water spring which history has been sung by Ovidio in Metamorphosis. Onto the spring of Arethusa grows the wild papyrus from today local craftsmen create papyrus paper. Very close to the spring of Arethusa you can find the shop of Mrs Flavia, who reproduces the old papyrus paper from Siracusa as well as old Egyptians made. Her goods are unique and so beautiful. If you love local handicraft and you would like to bring with you a souvenir from Siracusa, certainly Flavia’s papyruses are the best! Have a look at the Galleria Bellomo.

Ortygia – Galleria Bellomo

If you like the idea to visit this part of Siracusa with me, please contact me and I will be glad to go around my city with you!


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