Baroque Ragusa Ibla and Modica Tour

Baroque Tour

The tour lasts eight hours. Means of transport private or rented are required. Suitable for everybody.

Price per Group from 300,00 euros

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Ragusa Ibla

The cities of Ragusa Ibla and Modica, just fifteen kilometers far from each other, are closely bonded because both have been part of the Modica county. Travelers from the past have described Modica as the town torn off the rock: because of his caves, inhabited up to decades ago, and its geographical position. Although since 1927 the capital of the province is Ragusa, Modica has played a fundamental role in this geographical area  from the medieval era until today.

First Stop – Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa ibla is the first stop of this tour. The town is enchanting and it leans on a hill which is 440 meters high on the sea level on its top. Starting at it from above, during your trip by car, it appears to you as a nativity scene.

The visit in Ragusa Ibla starts from Saint George portal, it continues along the Hyblaean Gardens and has an end at the church of Purgatory. Small squares, cloistered monasteries, baroque big masks and aristocratic palaces make Ragusa Ibla a real jewel.

The Second Stop – Modica

The second stop of this tour is Modica. Here we can have our lunch, where I always suggest to eat the typical scacce and at last to taste the so called modicano chocolate or a cannolo filled with ricotta. Modica is famous for its chocolate indeed, therefore it is an obligation to save a break time for tastings! Regarding Scacce, they are made with pizza flavor and they are filled with local food like: ricotta and sausages, ricotta and onion, parsley. The classical ones is filled with tomato sauce. Food in Ragusa province sounds very good!

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Modica – Saint George Church

At this point we can visit the two mother churches of Saint George and Saint Peter, the Salvatore Quasimodo historic house and the church of the Vergin Mary of Bethlehem. Salvatore Quasimodo has been one of the most famous writer in Italy of the XX century and he was born just in Modica. You will remain speechless when listening to the stories of the flood in 1902 or the slaughter of jews in 1474.

This tour offers to you the chance to visit unusual locations, rich of charme and history. Locations where you can taste Hiblaean Mountains food and the sweetness of local pastries. If you love Sicilian baroque style and you like eating, this tour is the best for you. Contact me and I will be glad to go with you!

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