Planning a family vacation

Planning a vacation for kids, both children and teenagers, it’s hard. If you don’t want to renounce to visit great places in Eastern Sicily, I can help you and I can suggest  you the best family travel options. I can do it because I have the same problems you have. I simply walk in your shoes!

Siracusa – Family Tour

Much of our decision depend on the age of our sons. If they are infants or children we need to plan short jaunts and many nice rests where they can have fun, like a play garden. If our sons are teenagers we might think about something funny like a guided tour in segway.

Travel with sons is one of the best experience we can have as a family. You can have all the world at hand, you need to choose the rhythm and the right person  to go with  you in every trip!

Family Tour – friendly approach

Travelling, discovering new places, knowing different cultures than mine has been always one of my great passions. Fortunately I share this passion with my husband and my children therefore in vacation we have a lot of fun.

Our child-friendly vacations consider also visiting locations I don’t know or I cannot able to explain. Then in vacation we usually need help from my colleagues, specialized in a family tour, for visiting particular locations.

[cml_media_alt id='720']tour per bambini[/cml_media_alt]

Turin – Museo Egizio with Francesca della Savia

For instance we needed Francesca della Savia for visiting Museo Egizio in Turin or Barbara Nacinelli for visiting Testaccio in Rome.

Rome – Testaccio with Barbara Nacinelli

My kids are six and eight years old and they are unleashed! That’s why when we are on vacation our guided tours are mainly on open-air. Here we are, for instance, with the faboulos Francesca Pagliaro who told us about Rome Street Art!

Rome – Street Art with Francesca Pagliaro

In the above menu bar you can find Family Tours, studied just for you. Of course they can be modified according to your needs. Why are these tours so special? If your children are between five and twelve years old these tours offer to you the possibility to have a funny guided tour. Everyone knows that having happy kids means happy parents! Well, what are you waiting for? Have a look and let’s choose the best tour for you!


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