Family Tour

If you like to share your travel experiences with your kids, my Family Tours are perfect for you! Light excursions, funny and fascinating, family- friendly!

Noto – Santa Chiara Church

Playing Siracusa – Classic Tour

Playing Siracusa – Classic Tour lasts seven/eight hours and it is perfect for families who like to visit the Siracusa must in only one day, couple culture and fun, making happy adults and kids.

The first stop is Neapolis archaeological park where you will walk through ruins of ancient Greek city of Siracusa, you will seat into the greatest Greek theatre of Sicily, as Greek inhabitants of Siracusa used to do. You will scream or sing all together into the Ear of Dionysius. Playing games we will discover a lot of curiosity about Greeks: how they lived or how they made fun. An unmissable occasion for exploring into the history!

Siracusa – Neapolis

The Playing Siracusa – Classic Tour might be a nice experience if you have kids between 5 and 13 years old.

Lunch Time

After visiting the Neapolis Archaeological Park you could feel a little bit tired and need a relaxing rest. If your kids are between zero and thirteen years old, close to the archaeo park, there are just two places for you. The Tecnoparco di Archimede, with machines of the worldwide famous scientist Archimedes, and l’Angolo del Papiro, a green open space with free animals, both with a picnic area.

[cml_media_alt id='761']tecnoparco di Archimede[/cml_media_alt]

Siracusa – Archimedes TecnoPark

If you like to have a lunch in a restaurant instead, I suggest to you to move to the old town. Ortygia island is indeed full of bars, café, ice-cream shop, pizzeria and restaurants.

If you like local food, you like the Sicilian folkroristic atmosphere but most of all you like sandwiches, then caseificio Borderi a cheese shop at the street market, is the best thing Ortygia can offer to you. Here you can eat a fabulous sandwich, enormous and filled with local fresh products. Please, have a look at the link above, images are better than any description!

After lunch we will be ready to visit Ortygia, the little jewel of Siracusa. It is linked to the mainland by two bridges. The most important stops are the temple of Apollo, Piazza Archimede with a beautiful fountain and Piazza Duomo. Onto Piazza Duomo and into the cathedral we will play all together  again. The fresh water spring of Arethusa will be our last stop.

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Siracusa – Temple of Apollo

So don’t waste your time! Contact me and I will be happy to spend my time with you and your family.

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