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Lucia Majorca

Siracusa qualified Tourist Guide and Archaeologist

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I was born in Catania but my family and I always lived in Siracusa.

I attended Conservation of Cultural Objects in Agrigento and later I moved to Rome where I lived for three years, to focus my studies in Christian Archaeology. Over there I attended a Vatican Institute, Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana, where I obtained the title of Licenza. After passing  the exam of Qualified Tourist Guide I moved to Dublin to improve my English.

I worked as archaeologist in Rome, in Puglia (a region in the south part of Italy), in Corsica and of course in Sicily. Several years ago I decided to abandon field archaeology and to become a Tourist Guide. I obtained a license to practice tours, I speak English and today I am very happy to have done this choice.

During our walking tours I will share with you the beauty of Siracusa archaeological sites like Neapolis or catacombs. I will show you the charm of narrow streets in the old town.

Siracusa – Beneventano del Bosco Palace

Choose the Visit

Within the site you find several tours, between the most popular and the personalized. Most of them concern the city of Siracusa and the most interesting places close to it, like Noto, Vendicari or Palazzolo Acreide. The other itineraries speak about nearby cities, like Catania, Taormina, Modica o Ragusa Ibla, that you can reach, from Siracusa,  at longest in a couple of hours. We will discover Ibleian Mountains or the highest volcano in Europe: Etna!

Said about me

Rewies are important so here they are:

In the web site there is also a BLOG, to be onest it is just started, which can be useful to you when you schedule your vacation.

If you are looking for a local person, to virtually hang around with you during your holiday, to ask what to visit, where to go eating or sea bathing in summer time, which places are most suitable for your children, I am the perfect person for you!

Have a look at my web site and choose your favorite tour. In case you don’t find it, no fear! Write me an e-mail at or use this form. I will reply to you as soon as possible!

Siracusa – Greek Theatre



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